Polished Render is basically Polished concrete for walls. The application process is a mixture of old and new plastering techniques, along with new polishing systems.

We start with a basic render mix and into this we add a base colour. We then add different aggregates and apply this to walls at a minimum of 8mm. 2mm is ground off with special machinery to expose the aggregate. We then mechanically polish leaving a smooth,flat and mirror like surface, almost like polished granite. This is then sealed with a concrete sealer which is both water resistant and breathable.

Iron oxide concrete pigment is the number one choice to colour concrete and is readily available at any good builders supplies. The range of colours is good ranging from yellows, reds, browns greens and even blue. There is a large range of aggregates that can be added in different grain sizes. There is stone aggregate such as black or green basalt, red or grey granite, multi coloured flint and white dolomite to name a few. There is glass aggregate available in many colours like blues, reds purples and greens. There is also mirrored glass aggregate available to really give it the WOW factor.

Polished concrete is highly versatile and there are lots of variations with the different colours and aggregates. Divider strips can be added to separate colours and create patterns or logos. Logos can also be added using stencils and stain. Grinding and polishing concrete can be very messy but we have an excellent dust extraction system that keeps mess to a minimum.