The final stamp of beauty on any architectural work is usually seen on the type and quality of the windows installed. There are many types of windows, each with specific purpose and style. Windows act as not only protectors against cold winds but also as aesthetics and beauty points in every house. Recently, Double Glazed windows have taken the stage and are gaining popularity. These are windows made of double panes and an air space between them ranging between 0.63 to 0.73 inches.

They must be intensely airtight so as to prevent moisture from getting into the space between them. When condensation appears, this indicates that there is a leak somewhere and the sad part is the windows cannot be repaired. They can only be replaced. During their installation a drying agent is usually used to absorb all the moisture in the air between the panes.

Cost minimization – Did you know that a lot of heat is normally lost from the house through single paned windows? Double glazed window have the perfect insulation property thanks to the layer of air between the panes which substantially stops the heat from escaping. This property helps in minimizing heating cost by approximately 11%.

Noise Barrier – If you are the type that prefers a quiet environment especially while in the house, then double glazed windows are the windows for you. They lock out all the noise and ensure your peace is not disturbed by the noise outside. Sound tends to travel faster in solids than gas, with the air barrier between the two panes, sound from outside is arrested instantly.

Security – Double the strength of a single pane, this window offers double the security. They are harder to break than single paned windows making you and the whole family very secure while in the house. The extra security provided is also boosted by the state of the art locking system they have.

Aesthetic Value – There is a wide choice of frames that you can choose from depending on the quality of impression you desire to leave on your visitors in regards to the windows in your house. Wood frames, Aluminium and UPVC (polyvinyl chloride) are the most common. These frames come in different colours and enable you to blend your windows with interior and exterior decorations easily.

Furnishing Protection – For those who really value their paintings, Carpet, and seats, double glazed windows are efficient in blocking sunlight intensity before it gets onto your possessions. This guarantees their durability and value. The double panes sieve a substantial amount of sunlight and heat that would otherwise devastate your wonderful furnishing.

It is important to do a thorough research on the best companies dealing with these windows so that you get quality while installing your double glazed windows. Interestingly enough you can also fit another glazed window against the original single paned ones. This can be carefully so that the original image of your beautiful window is not lost. This is also very cost effective as opposed to removing the old one-paned windows and fitting new double glazed windows.

Article originally published at Source by Bernard P Simpson