How often have you been bogged down with a long list of painting contractors to call for your home or office improvement project? Here's a quick and easy list of seven criteria to tick off when choosing one.


1. Years of Experience: Has the contractor been in business for long? Ensure you hire an individual / company that has been around for at least three years or more.

2. Hires Subcontractors or Employees: The painters, are the sub-contractors or actual employees? Irrespective of their employment status, the employees should have the proper workers compensation and liability insurance. In case of sub-contractors, they need to be covered under insurance as well. As a customer, you have the right to verify the documentation of the people who will be working in your home or office.

3. Necessary Legal Licenses: Does your painting contractor have the requisite general liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance? A well-established and reputed contractor should be able and willing to furnish insurance and licenses upon request. Remember, this is important for them, their painters' safety and your home / business. Site injuries are likely and insurance protects all parties involved.

4. Attention to Preparation: Is there any preparation involved? A cheap contractor will skip the prep work to cut corners. On the other hand, a good painting contractor will spend enough time to explain the prep work to you and take due care before the actual work begins. Ultimately, the workmanship will speak for itself, good or bad.

5. Testimonials or References: Is your contractor upfront with providing references? Call them before you engage the company.

6. Industry Knowledge: How knowledgeable do you need a painting contractor to be? There are some that understand the job at end and focus on it. Then there are others who will be able to make recommendations on materials or colors. The more experienced the contractor, the more in-depth knowledge will they possess on the latest techniques and products in painting. Experience counts.

7. Provides Guarantees: Does your chosen painting company offer a guarantee on their work? In addition to the product guarantee provided by manufactures, a majority of painting contractors will also offer a warranty on the application process. Get it in writing!

There are a number of painting contractors out there in the market and it can be confusing when all their offerings sound the same. Ultimately, your choice as a customer depends on the project at hand, budget and any other resource constraints. Read online reviews but do not trust them blindly – speak to existing clients of the painting company. And follow the criteria above – with all these tips, you will have everything you need to select the right organization for your job.

Article originally published at Source by Steven Finch