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Painter Supervisor – What You Should Know

This professional is the one that generally will oversee the painting crews when they are painting a business or residential home. Some of the roles that a painter supervisor has include:

• Checking to make sure that all areas that are not to be painted are masked so no paint gets into these areas

• Making sure the paint is mixed properly and then applied correctly

• Making sure that their crew has the paint and supplies that are needed to complete the job

• Taking the supplies and paint to the job site for the crew.

• Sometimes the painter supervisor will even transport the crew to the job site or a member of the crew to a job site where a small repair or touch-up is needed.

• They are also the one that is generally the one that will examine the painting job after it is finished to okay the work and sign the bill stating the job is complete.

• Scheduling the crews to work on the different sites and jobs

• Training new workers

Generally painting is the last step in any building or room makeover. Paint does have the ability to cover or hide any mistakes made during the other steps of remodeling or renovation but if there are mistakes when painting they can be hard to cover up. During the painting the paint supervisor will commonly test the paint to make sure that it is staying mixed correctly and that it looks great on the walls. If there are any drips or splatters they will let the crew now so they can take care of the problem.

When the exterior of a home or business is being painted it is the job of the supervisor to make sure that all the shrubs, flowerbeds, and bushes are properly protected against any paint drips or splatters. The driveways, porch steps, and sidewalks will also need to be protected. During this time if the customer has a specific question or the crew encounters a problem they will go to the painter supervisor. Other issues that they take care of are issues with the customer warranty and the repainting or touch-up of any area that the customer is requesting.

To become a painter contractor it is important that you have the experience working as a painter as any type of experience is helpful. You should spend time learning how the painting process works, keep up with all the latest new technology and techniques in painting, and working as part of a painting crew to get the experience you need. You should also demonstrate that you have the leadership skills that are needed by doing things such as clean up before being asked to do so.

Article originally published at Source by Lora Davis

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Reasons Why You Should Use Stucco Siding

Stucco is a popular siding material used in buildings and homes. Stucco siding is noticeable in homes with Tuscan-Style or Spanish-Mission Style. A lot of homes in the US already applied stucco for the exterior part of their homes; while others use them for the interiors of their home. Those who are planning to build a new home should certainly consider using this stucco siding for the construction of their house.

Here are the 5 main reasons why you should use stucco siding:

1.) Attractive

– Stucco is commonly used for the exterior part of the house but some homeowners use stucco siding on the interiors of their home and design it to any pattern they like. You can also hire a craftsman to create great stonework and designs for you. The rustic look of stucco homes makes it more attractive especially with Tuscan or Spanish styles. Many luxurious homes are now built using stucco because it is makes the exterior wall look beautiful. If you want to design your interior using stucco you can use pigments to add color to the stucco siding.

2.) Low Cost and Maintenance

– Stucco is comparatively inexpensive compared to other building materials. Moreover, it is even more durable than other more expensive materials. It also requires low maintenance unlike buildings applied with paint. After a couple of years, paint is removed from the wall so you need to regularly maintain and re-apply paint. But with stucco, you do not need to regularly maintain or fix it. As long as the stucco is applied correctly, then it will last for many, many years.

If you decide to add pigment to stucco, you should make sure the stucco is completely dry so that it will remain strong even after applying color.

3.) Durable

– The most wonderful characteristic of stucco is its durability. If properly applied, stucco can last for even up to a hundred years. If you are uncertain on how it is applied, then consult a professional to do the job.

4.) Applicable to many architectural styles

– Stucco can be applied to many architectural styles. It is most common on Tuscan and Spanish styles but depending on what style you like you can create wonderful stonework using stucco siding. You can hire a good artisan to design your walls for you.

5.) Great Weather Repellant

– Stucco can withstand bad weather conditions and can protect your home from both wind and rain. Stucco siding is also fire-resistant thus it can protect your home from damage.

As long as you apply stucco siding correctly, you will enjoy the benefits it can provide you and your home. Use stucco now and see how useful it can be.

Article originally published at Source by Adam Roseland

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Who Were The Master Builders in Ancient Times?

Most of the ancient builders advanced in the field of architecture. This was through the spirit of experimentation. The ancient Greeks stood out as the masters in architecture. They used wood, mud-brick and marble for their architectural structures. They used some as a shelter in which they lived. Others were built to house their gods serving as temples. However, worship of the gods was carried out outside the temple. The Greeks built stadiums for athletic contests and theatres for theatrical performances. Colour was used in pecking out details of their building. The design of the buildings was rectangular in form with the foundation of three steps with colours either at the ends or all around the porch (A structure attached to the exterior of a building often forming a covered entrance). Blue and Red were mostly used for painting their buildings. Other colours like yellow, green, black, gildings (gold) were rarely used. The unpainted parts were waxed to improve their surface quality.

The style used for the construction of the temples in the archaic period was the DORIC style named after the Doric tribe to which the Spartans (Residents of Sparta, An ancient Greek city famed for military prowess) belonged.

The skills of the ancient Greeks in the area of architecture greatly improved during the classical period. Sculptural figures and columns were added to the architectural structures. Apart from the Doric style, Ionic and Corinthian styles were also used for their architectural structures. The Corinthian style invented in the rich city of Corinth in 420BC was the most elegant in design.

At the latter part of ancient Greek architecture, great temple structures of gods were constructed during this period with large statues in the form of animals like lions placed at the entrances. An example is the Temple of Apollo. The ground plan and design of this great temple were established by famous Hellenistic architects Painios and Daphnis. Mausoleums were built to remember Mausolus who was the leader of Asia Minor. The old Doric style was rejected by architects of this period.

In modern societies today, the three iconic styles of the Greeks are used as the basis for architectural structures in various countries of the world. For instance, in Ghana, the entrance of the Manhyia palace of the Asante king, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has been lavishly crafted in the Corinthian style. Architects today can harness the rudiments of the popular architectural styles of ancient Greece and develop new ones that can best address the unique architectural demands in the contemporary age.

Article originally published at Source by Dickson Adom

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Painters Scaffolding

This is a piece of equipment that painters use while painting places that normally are out of reach, like tall objects or high walls. The painter uses this as support to stand on while they work. There are also different types of scaffolding that the painters can use. What type they use depends on what the job requires. For example, is the work inside or outside and the height of the area they are painting. If the scaffolding is only needed for occasional projects, they can rent it. They can also be constructed from raw materials or purchased.

The basic structure of general scaffolding consists of a floor surface. A cage-type framework made of pieces of lumber or vertical and horizontal metal tubes supports the floor surface. There are wheels or base plates on the ground upon which the vertical struts may rest. This creates an elevated platform. An alternative method is the entire structure may be suspended by bracing the scaffolding from the side of the building. There will be little to no direct support with the ground. It can also hang suspended by cables. These cables are hooked to a crane or a higher part of the building.

Advantages of painters scaffolding

The main advantage over a regular ladder is that it will allow a painter to reach a larger area of the building by being able to walk across the floor surface of the scaffolding. When using a ladder it will only allow no movement and only a narrow range of reach. Areas that are too high to reach from a ladder can be reached from scaffolding.

Scaffolding uses

There are many types of scaffolding for a variety of uses.

• Large construction projects-this type of job will require scaffolding that can provide painters access to high areas and be able to support more than one painter. This type incorporates more elaborate rigging systems for support and bracing along with heftier struts.

• Small-scale projects-these projects normally do not require a lot of height, like painting the interior of a home. In these cases a portable structure on wheels are often used. Some companies do rent scaffolding that can hang from the structure for outdoor house painting.

Many times scaffolding is rented because it is not as expensive as buying one. Many times they are only needed for one or two jobs so they can be rented on an as-needed basis. The one drawback to renting painters scaffolding is that the scaffolding may not be modified for the job you need it for. This is why some companies choose to build their own custom scaffolding to fit the needs of the job they are working on. They use lumber of other material to make the scaffolding.

Article originally published at Source by Lora Davis

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Simple Home Design Tips

Having a home with the design that we truly want is something that would really make us feel good. Although most houses built these days have general designs, it would be better if we could come up with our own design to give our homes a more personalized touch. We all certainly would want everything in our house to be perfect as much as possible. Designing our own houses is very practical, fun to do, and is not really hard to do. We do not really need to hire an interior decorator or any home design experts if we want to save money since we can also do it on our own. We just need to be creative and have fun while we do it.

Take your time and think what kind of design that you really want to incorporate in your house. If you want more references, you can just search the internet for a wide variety of design options. It is important that you make a final decision since it may cost you more instead of saving money if the design is already completed and you change your mind and have it redone. After you make the final decision, you can start searching all the materials that you would need. You also do not need to rush this part since you would want to compare different rates from different stores first. It would be also a great idea to ask for recommendations from your family, friends, and other people you know who could help you.

After thorough considerations and preparations, you may start designing either the interior or the exterior part of the house whichever you are comfortable with. Choosing the right colors could help you set the ambiance.

You may also want to consider Feng Shui for good luck but only if you believe in that practice. Aside from using common furniture such as sofas, chairs, and tables, you may also want to add other components inside your house. Consider putting paintings, wall mounted fountains, and other extra fixtures to add more life to the interior design. For outdoors, putting sectional patio furniture may just do the trick to liven up the atmosphere outside of your house. Wooden, metal, or plastic chairs are also ideal outdoors. Whatever design you want for your own house, it is best to start at larger places down to the smaller ones which require more detail.

Depending on your preferences, you may want to have a minimal or simple design. Not only that you can save money but you can also save space. When you are designing in your house, keep in mind that this is a place where you would spend much of your time so you should consider putting emphasis to comfort and functionality. Designing a house also does not need to be complicated. As long as you are creative, you are resourceful, and you know what you want, it should just be a breeze. Just do not rush things so you will not have regrets in the future.

Article originally published at Source by Patti Smith

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Painting A House Exterior: 5 Tips For Perfection

When guests arrive at a house, the first thing that they notice is the outside appearance of the house. They will notice if a yard is unkempt, or if a home looks like it is leaning. People even notice when a roof looks dirty.

The first thing that most guests notice is the paint job, though. They see the color, and they notice whether it is chipped and unsightly or looks like it was handled by the professionals.

This is why many homeowners take the exterior paint job on their home so seriously. Follow these tips to guarantee that a home looks picture perfect.

  1. Hire Professional Painters

Professional exterior painters are a hassle free way to guarantee that a home looks it’s best. Hiring exterior painters means that a homeowner can enjoy a professional look without having to lift a finger.

These men know the best colors to use, already have the tools for the job, and they are full of useful tips about how to keep a paint job looking new.

  1. Check Out the Company Before Hiring

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is hiring the cheapest company in town. While this might save money at first, it doesn’t mean that it is a good idea. If they do a bad job, a homeowner may wind up spending more money to hire another company to fix the paint job.

They may also use cheap paint, or inexperienced professional that do not know how to properly paint the outside of a house.

Overall, it can lead to homeowners spending thousands of extra dollars to get a high-quality paint job.

Instead of dealing with that, check out the painting company before hiring them. Ask friends and family members for references, and ask the company if they have references that can be contacted.

  1. Pick a Neutral Color

Exterior painters may be full of advice, but color preference is so diverse among clients that this is usually left up to the clients. Most professional exterior painters will recommend going with a neutral color though.

Neutral colors are more socially acceptable, and they are easy on the eyes. This makes this an ideal choice for residential units, especially if the home is being rented out. Tenants will never balk at the thought of living in a home that is painted a bright color, and a nice shade of light brown will not show dirt as easily as a lighter color, like white.

  1. Don’t Forget the Trim and Doors

Most professional exterior painters will paint the trim when they paint the rest of the house, but the door may be something extra. Often, clients think that everything is included. This could mean that the entire house will look brand new, except for the door.

Before hiring a company, make sure to clarify that the trim and doors will be painted as well, and don’t forget to pick coordinating colors for both of them.

  1. Wash the Surface

It is a well-known fact that paint will not stick as well to a dirty surface. This is why professionals usually wash the walls before applying the first coat.

The thing is, not all paint companies wash the surface as well as they should. Some companies have their own powerwashers that they will use, and other companies simply rinse off the house real quick before they get started on the job.

To make sure that the new paint job lasts as long as it should, homeowners might want to give the house a good power wash before the painting crew arrives to get started on the job.

Painting the outside of a house can turn out beautiful or a disaster. Follow these tips to make sure it turns out beautiful.

Article originally published at Source by Josh Berner

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