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How to Choose the Right Style and Functionality of Your Garage Door

The most important aspect of the garage door is its insulation, known as the door's R-value. The R-value is a rating that describes how well the door provides insulation and resistance to heat and cold air flows. The higher the R-value is, the better the insulation. If your garage is used for a work space it will be very hot or very cold at times if your garage door is not insulated adequately. In moderate climates an R-value of 3 is recommended. In cold climates an R-value of 10 is recommended. Consider your demographics and its typical weather trends when choosing your R-value. A higher R-value can decrease your energy bills in both moderate and cold climates by preventing cooling or heating of the house by the garage common walls.

Now, some people only want functionality, so it is appropriate to start with that goal. But, keep in mind your garage door takes up as much as one third of the front of your house. Should not it reflect your personality then? There are many options of color, material, windows, and decoration to choose from and often they will not break the bank. The styles of garage doors are endless. The garage door style should compliment your house's style. First decide on your panels. Garage doors have flush panels, raised rectangular panels, and raised square panels. If you are unsure of what the panels might look like on your house drive around the neighborhood and see how it fits on other houses. Next choose the material of your garage door. Wooden doors are beautiful and come in two specialty styles, the carriage door and the barn door. They have the appearance of vintage swinging doors, but actually open like a conventional garage door. They can be pricey and high maintenance though. In that case, steel doors are an excellent choice since they are less expensive and relatively low maintenance.

So, now you should have a clear picture of the type of garage door you need. The next decision to make is the color. Since the overhead door should complement the house, It is typical to paint the garage door the color of the house's trim. The color of your overhead door can do more than compliment your house though. Dark colors absorb heat and over time can cause your garage door to bow from heat damage. It's your overhead door and of course you can paint it any color you want, but remember non-traditional door colors may be trendy or appealing at the time, but you may get tired of it later. And if you might want to sell your house now or in the future, the color might not be universally appreciated. It could make it more difficult to sell your house.

Your overhead door will be with you for a long time possibly. Make sure that you know what you're getting and get what you need. In the end it's your money and you do not want to have to replace your door twice because you got the wrong one the first time or worse, have to live with a garage door you hate. Be informed and be happy instead.

Article originally published at Source by Spencer Donali

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Land O Lakes – A Friendly Florida Community

If there’s one word that personifies Land O Lakes, Florida, it’s community. Located in fast-growing Pasco County, Land O Lakes combines the friendliness and charm of small town living with the fun of Florida’s sun-loving life and play style. Centrally located Land O Lakes is close to everything – just a few minutes from downtown Tampa and less than an hour from the Gulf Coast beaches, it offers a splendid plethora of activities from biking and boating to shopping and clubbing. With a population of about 20,000, Land O Lakes is an unincorporated city in Pasco County, one of the fastest growing counties in Florida.

A rural atmosphere and easy access to big city amenities have made Land O Lakes a very popular spot for new developments, and there are plenty of homes available. They range from single family homes with up to four bedrooms to cozy studio apartments and townhouses in gated communities. Housing prices are still considerably lower than in many of the Gulf Coast communities, even for lakefront property. If you’re looking for a great place to raise a family or enjoy the single life, Land O Lakes has a lot to offer.


Pasco County is home to thirty four state parks and recreational areas, including three canoe trails and the Land O Lakes Recreation Complex which offers canoe and boat ramp access and a full community center. The lake fishing is spectacular, and the numerous hiking trails range from comfortable walks to challenging hikes through some of the most beautiful wetlands and meadows in the state.

If your idea of recreation is more social, Land O Lakes is a just a short drive from the glittering lights of downtown Tampa. Closer to home, Land O Lakes has several annual festivals that sparkle with small town charm, including the annual Famous Flapjack Festival, the Jellybean Jamboree, a Business Expo and Taste of the Towne Festival.

Homes in Land O Lakes

Land O Lakes is a unique and refreshing blend of old Florida architecture and modern construction. Home prices range from $100,000 to $1,000,000 and more for homes that range from cozy lakefront cottages with stunning water views to full-fledged luxury resort homes with lakeside access. While housing prices have risen in the past five years as Tampa has expanded, there are still many properties available in Land O Lakes at reasonable prices. Bring your family home to Land O Lakes and enjoy the tranquility of a sunny Florida hometown.

Article originally published at Source by Robert Lipply

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Things to Do Before Moving Into Your New House

You have just purchased a new house, done with all the payments and paperwork. You must be relaxed now that the pain of searching for a home has finally reached an end, but my friend, wait for a moment, as you have just won half of the battle. The struggle of moving into your new address is yet to be fought. You may not even realise but the D-day of shifting will come as if you just wake up from a dream. Hence, here is a bucket list of a few things to do before moving into your new house so you can remember this day, not as a painstaking one but a day filled with loads of memories.

Change the Locks

As soon as your deal is over, and you can call that new house your own, the foremost thing that you need to do is to change the locks on all the exterior doors. The reason is pretty obvious. It is really difficult to get assured that whether the last owner, the home guard, the broker or even the neighbour can have the house keys. As precaution is always better than cure, we would suggest you to install new locks before moving into your new house.

Paint the Walls and Ceilings

Though it is not really necessary that you need to whitewash the entire house, but then it’s something that we would definitely suggest you to do. With painting walls and ceilings, you get to see their actual condition. There is a strong possibility that the house may look lucrative from the exterior but it may not be the same case beneath a few layers. Also, this is a good time to repair all the holes, cracks and any other defect in the house. As it is a tedious task, so try to hire a professional who can make it perfect from inside out.

Inspect Plumbing Leaks

It is one of the most important things to do before moving into your new house. Numerous homebuyers complained that their homebuilder hasn’t given a damn to the plumbing leaks in your new house. So, before you make a shift to your new home, check if there is any seepage in the home or even in the building. For this purpose, inspect washbasins, toilets and dripping faucets, and exteriors of the building and if you find one, do get it repaired immediately. Maybe slowly, but even an inconsiderable amount of seepage can eat your entire house.

Call Pest Control

Are you still thinking why you should call a team of pest control experts? Well, you can consider eliminating it if you are buying a new home. But, in any case, if you are buying a home that was used by someone in the past or has been unlived for a long time, then you should unquestionably have to opt for pest control before moving into your new house. Who wants to stay in a house which is a playground for a variety of awful creeps and nocturnal pests.

Notify Your Family, Friends and Service Providers About the Shift

Though you have hosted a housewarming party for most of your friends and relatives, and they all know about the shift, there will be many who are still not aware of this move. Hence, it is a good time to update them of moving into a new house and share the good news. And not just friends and relatives, in fact, also inform your landline company, insurance card company, bank and others with a text message or email stating the details of your new address. Obviously, you don’t want to miss a bill-payment deadline just because you have shifted to a new place.

Greet Your Neighbours

Neighbours are the people with whom you are going to spend a long time of your life. They are the one who stands resolutely in your good as well as bad times, whenever needed. So, it is an act of utmost importance to greet them after moving into your new house. Show courtesy and take initiative to greet them simply by saying, “Hello, I am your new neighbour”. Yes, it won’t make a huge difference in their life yet it will at least break the silence between you and your neighbour. Once you are friends with them, you may not feel alone in a totally new setting.

Article originally published at Source by Vaibhav Srivastava

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Brighten the Appearance of Your Home, As Well As Your Mood, With Professional Window Cleaning

Living in the Northeast, you can go weeks without ever seeing the sun. So on those delightful days when the sun does shine, do not let cloudy, dingy windows block out the natural light and dampen your mood. Ensure clear, unobstructed views all year round with professional quality service from your local window cleaning company.

Big, beautiful windows can strike a stark contrast between a ho-hum house and a head-turning residence, but only if they're cleaned to a clear, brilliant shine on a regular basis. So do not allow months of built-up crime and neglect to detract from the beauty of your home. Now that the cold weather has departed for a while, it's the perfect time to bring in a window cleaning company that can cut through all that filmy residue and restore your property's glass to a bright, gorgeous gleam.

When you're in the real estate market trying to decide which property to purchase, a lot of stylish, high performance windows can be mighty enticing, not only for their stunning curve but for their improved energy efficiency as well. What you may not think about at the time, however, are the long-term maintenance demands of keeping so much glass clean on both the inside and outside, upstairs and down. If you do not have the time or the inclining to lug out the extension ladder month after month and do the dirty work yourself, then call on your local, professional window cleaning service to tackle the challenge for you. With training and tools well suited to the task, they can have your windows washed and rinsed carefully and thoroughly, for impossible results every time.

Of course, not all window cleaning companies are created alike, so it's important to call around and compare policies and prices. In addition to getting references, you should always ask about business credentials and consumer protections, such as years of experience, insurance coverage, and rain guarantees. For your added assurance, some window cleaning services are members of professional trade organizations, including the International Window Cleaners Association and Power Washers of North America. That type of information can go a long way in helping you to pinpoint a provider you can trust.

Besides being dull and unattractive in appearance, grimi residential windows can actually be unhealthy for you and your family. Like any other dirty surface in your home, dust and pollutants can accumulate on glass, exposing you and loved ones to germs and harmful allergens. What's more, diminishing your daily dose of sun and natural light can be downright dreary, contributing to feelings of depression and even worse medical conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, other known as SAD.

So do not allow built-up film and grime to spoil the beauty of your home's windows. Pick up the phone now to find the window cleaning service that's right for you. And while you're at it, why not inquire about other essential services to help you maintain the exterior of your property, such as pressure washing and gutter cleaning? Many professional window cleaning companies provide a full array of maintenance services to help you keep the outside of your house clean and sparkling month after month. Get on the phone today.

Article originally published at Source by Penny Q Jones

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Auto Painting And Dent Removal Services Will Make Your Car Appear New

After using a car for a long time its color may appear dull and you may find it necessary to repaint it. However, in order to repaint a car you need not take it to the garage as you can even paint it at your own house. For car painting a few basic steps need to be followed and a wide variety of materials are needed. The steps include:

  • Choosing a suitable place to work : You will require a place equipped with features like excellent ventilation, electricity, good lighting, minimal dust and space to position the vehicle. Water heaters or furnaces are generally avoided in such places
  • Assemble all the materials required for the purpose : The things that are needed for the work include: Paint sprayer, Power sanders, Sanding pads, Air compressor, Masking tape, Paper, Primer, Paint, Thinner, Dust masks, respirator, eye protection, Body fillers and Hand sand paper.
  • Paint the car : Before starting the painting job you have to repair the dents so that painted surface looks even. For this you can visit a garage which provides dent removal services.
  1. For painting a car you first have to remove the rusts from the surface of the car so that the rust does not become visible when the task is done.
  2. Remove the body panel moldings like plastic trim or chrome which can be replaced later.
  3. Cover the surface of the car that is not to painted with the help of paper and masking tape. It includes covering the glasses, door handles, window trim, grills and mirrors.
  4. Then you have to remove the previous paint so that the bare metal becomes visible.
  5. You should clean the entire body surface thoroughly. You can use denatured alcohol or mineral spirits for the purpose. Make sure no oils adhere to the surface of the car.
  6. After this, use a primer on the surface. After priming your car, let it dry for some time and then you can apply the paint according to your choice.
  • Spray the finish paint : The final paint is prepared according to the directions devised by the paint manufacturer company. Automotive enamels and some kinds of polyurethanes provide better performance with a catalyst or a hardener.
  1. Allow the paint to get fully discharged and adhere to the surface sturdy.
  2. Rub the sand paper on your car to get rid of any sand particles or granular substances.
  3. You can use a rubber compound to bring out the gloss. This technique is normally done manually as they can completely ruin the paint job if not handled properly.

These are the basic steps to get your car painted. So if you want to give your car a new look, follow these basic steps plus some basic safety measures and you will be amazed to find out that you too can be an expert in this work.

Article originally published at Source by Sooraj Surendran

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Interior Design – Interior Design Tips For Your Bedroom

Redecorating your bedroom is an exciting and fun process. You get to put on your creative hat and give your bedroom a brand new look. One of the things that you need to consider when redecorating your bedroom is the new furniture that will grace the finished room. Many people have difficulties when it comes to choosing the right furniture. However, choosing the right furniture is not as difficult as you think it is. In this article, let me share with you a few tips that will make the whole thing easier.

Before you get the new furniture, spend some time to plan some DIY. Getting everything you require is boring. It is always better to DIY some things in your bedroom to reflect your personality. The first thing that you should consider is to choose a new color for your bedroom.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing color is to select something that you like. If you prefer a warm and cozy feel to your room, choose a darker color. However, if you room is small, you should choose a lighter color because smaller rooms do not really benefit from darker color. If you are someone who loves the sun and outdoor activities, you can consider orange and lime green. Once you have chosen an ideal color, paint your room yourself. If you are artistic enough, you can even do some paint drawings at a little corner of your room.

Next, it is time to choose your furniture. Before you head down to the furniture shop, determine the theme that you want to set for your new bedroom. Are you going for something retro? Or are you a technology lover and want to make your room the next Googleplex? Once you have identified the theme, think about where you will want everything to be placed before you purchase what you required. Make sure that you measure the size and every corner of your bedroom before you head down to the furniture shop. You will need the measurements in order to get something with the right size.

The most important thing about DIY design is to really know what you want before you start purchasing furniture and painting the room. With proper planning, you can rest assured that everything will fall into places and be absolutely satisfied with your brand new bedroom. If you do not have the time to DIY and still want to redecorate your bedroom, you can always look for an interior design firm online.

Article originally published at Source by Cheow Yu Yuan

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Decorating a Bedroom On a Small Budget

Rejuvenating and updating a bedroom doesn’t need to be major undertaking. You can tackle a bedroom makeover on a tight budget and still get outstanding results. Keep reading to learn how a little creativity and a splash of elbow grease can go a long way.

1. New pillows

Get started by updating your accent pieces. Accessory pillows often retail for under $10 and are an easy way to bring a fresh, new color palette into your bedroom. Layer similar colors for a modern, monochromatic look or create a romantic feel with luxurious fabrics.

2. Fresh paint

A coat of fresh paint is another simple way to update a room without breaking the bank. Touching up the trim and the ceilings will also have a major impact as a new, white ceiling is the best way to brighten a room and make it seem larger.

3. Fix-it furniture

If you want to update your furniture without updating your credit card balance, try working with what you already have. Sanding, painting and upgrading a dresser or wardrobe with new hardware is a simple way to bring a classic piece of furniture back to life.

4. Get skirted

Bed skirts are a simple way to add a touch of soft class to a bed. Opt for a soft and neutral color that either matches the shade of your sheets or goes just a few shades lighter. Your bed will look taller, fuller and much more inviting.

5. Fresh window treatments

It’s time to take down those ratty, old, plastic Venetian blinds. Update your space with pretty new curtains or bamboo flat blinds that will give your room a fresh, contemporary feel. Choose a color that’s light to open the space and allow in sunlight.

6. Get organized

Instantly spruce up and clean up your space by getting rid of clutter, adding extra storage space and reorganizing your room. By donating or throwing away unused or unworn items, you’ll create a more open and less oppressive feel to your room. New shelves are great for small knick-knacks or storing purses in your closet.

When it comes to closet reorganization, it’s best to de-clutter before you start the process of planning out a new closet.

7. Hang some photographs

Create instant artwork by choosing some of your favorite photographs. Have them printed in high-quality black and white. Then, frame them using inexpensive frames. Not only will you give your room a designer look, but you’ll always be reminded of your photo’s memories.

Article originally published at Source by Greg Fisher

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Interior Design Consultants

Be it your workplace, your home or your business, we always want our space to be the perfect combination of the aesthetics with the practical. As humans we are always willing to upgrade for our best of advantage.

The same goes with the space we own which we always wanted to customize according to our needs and requirements. Interior designing is an awful lot more than just painting your walls, rearranging your furniture and proper lighting and for this reason it is better to engage professional help which will also save you from a lot of head aches.

Proper space management is only possible by getting in touch with the interior design consultants who not only visually enhance your interior space but will also seek to optimize and harmonize the uses to which the built environment will be put for. Although some people think that getting in touch with an interior design consultant is an expensive business but the reality is that it can be a good budgeting decision that will not only help you save money in assembling your space but will also help you save a lot of time instead of managing things all by yourself.

With loads of creativity splashed on your interiors even your simple room can look like a million dollar place. Hiring a professional to make your space more attractive, up-to- date and functional is a very wise investment. The solutions for space management are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive. An interior designers consulting is highly prioritized according to the individual space and its function. Professional consultants are aware of the best and the most reasonable products available in the market that can make great wonders in your space.

These consultants can help you avoid the headaches often associated with re-modeling, expansion, and interiors work overall. When considering how to redesign any interior space it is important to consider just what type of style you want to incorporate in the provided space. Thus the interior design consultants help you transform your vision into reality by applying their creative skills to effective use for planning your space. With the help of an interior design consultant you will find that there are many options open to you to transform your space into something more ideal for your needs.

Article originally published at Source by Mark Joj Adem

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Decorating a Loft

Loft living has become the trendy new way of living for the yuppies living in urban areas who want to be in the thick of the local hotspots, restaurants, and chic shops. It is quite a change from the once cheap housing that artists resided in, using them for both studio and living space.

What hasn’t changed is the open floor plan, large windows, high ceilings (often with open ductwork), concrete floors, and exposed pipes. But where they used to be apartments hacked out of old warehouses, the loft home of today is often a new free standing structure. Because the only inside walls are usually the ones framing the bathroom, decorating can be a real challenge.

Area rugs, furniture groupings, and screens call all be used to define your space. Bookcases, ottomans, trunks, and storage pieces are needed in each grouping for storage purposes. Armoires will be needed for hanging clothes. Draperies can be used to offer some bedroom privacy.

Large, colorful graphics go well to take some of the starkness out of this décor. Accessorize with soft, bold throw pillows and afghans to add some coziness to the look. Separate a dining area from a sitting area with large, leafy plants or a see through bookcase. Use alternate shelves in the bookcase for storage of dining room items, and books or games.

And don’t forget the importance of your lighting. This, too, will designate and design your groupings. Make sure that there is plenty of task lighting as well as dramatic mood lighting.

Article originally published at Source by Lisa A Mason

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Are Residential Parks an Alternative to Retirement Housing?

Where to live in your retirement?

Residential parks, are they the answer?

They generally allow over 55's to rent land for their homes to be sited on. Some park operators have different age restrictions but over 55's is the general rule of thumb.

Not only are Park homes usually cheaper to purchase than a standard bricks and mortar home, they are generally cheaper to run too.

These (mobile) homes nowdays are large and luxurious in their fixtures and fittings, often having more modcons than normal homes. Fully insulated and double glazed with up to date central heating systems which are more efficient and use less energy than contemporary systems. These homes can more often than not provide a large comfortable living space, sumptuous bedrooms, luxury bathrooms and superb kitchens which are cheaper to run that any normal home.

Some operators also provide cheaper electricity and water rates as they purchase the energy upfront at business rates, which translates into cheaper electricity and water rates for these customers.

Other plus points are:

You are living in a community of like minded people in the same age range, on a secure park close to local amenities with onsite park managers in the age range.
Safety, Security, Community. Retirement really can be fun, cost effective and safe.

Many Websites have very useful free information on all residential parks as well as links to manufacturers, other websites with retirement advice and more. There are many park operators and many manufacturers to choose from. The direct gov website has some great retirement advise with a section on park homes.

Can I get finance on these homes?

Yes – there are many many finance companies put there that specialize in this area. All these companies offer various services and plans to finance a park home purchase. Its worth shopping around to get the best deal for you. The top few finance companies structure finance to suit your unique circumstances and I would recommend one of these companies. BPHF actually also offer a part exchange service where you can part ex your current home to either fully or part finance your home. Others have slightly similar services but none I've seen are as competitive.

So are residential parks the answer to cost effective retirement living, for the most part Yes. Such a wide variety of homes from varying manufacturers and many parks from different operators to choose from. Ill let you make your own mind up.

Article originally published at Source by Gareth Pressley

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